Hearty welcome to the horizon of Jyothi Nikethan. “Like a silky case protecting a chrysalis and pave it a way to fly in the air as beautiful butterflies. This cocoon gives impetus to the creativity and ingenuity of every individual and guides to enhance the inherent talent of the children. Over the past 10 years our school has earned a reputation for itself by creating pioneering and innovative educational opportunities. Teaching and learning practices that locus on both curricular and extra-curricular activities. Having and infrastructure confirming to the global standards, Jyothi Nikethan is the No. 1 school of the district. Innovative learning opportunities through the Robotic lab, mathematics lab, language lab, electronic lab… are the highlights of our school. Our academic result have consistently reflected our mission of enabling, encouraging and endowing each child to initiate a lifelong pursuit of learning, laying a strong foundation for a globally acclaimed career. We instil the value of integrity and humility in children eventually making them good human being. 
Sen Kallupura