The House system is a long standing tradition that creates competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together. In addition to regular activities, students receive opportunities to develop their co-curricular skills via House Competitions and activities. our buds and flowers of Jyothi Nikethan grouped under the unity of each houses. The houses are in the names of beautiful colours, as Red House, Blue House, Green House, and Yellow House. They meet regularly for assemblies and Senior members of the school are appointed captains and vice captains of each House; they help organise and oversee teams. In addition, all junior and intermediate events can be managed by the houses and giving them a chance to develop leadership skills. Every pupil and teachers are part of each house. Pupils are awarded House points for academic, extra-curricular and pastoral activities in daily school life. The House points build towards certificates of achievement for individuals and develop self-confidence, personal and team pride, building to House pride. The winning House wins the House cup and a House treat. The House programme is designed in such a way as to be inclusive and promote opportunities for all the pupils, recognising all strengths. House boards show the house symbols, mottos and charities, list the House Captains and are updated with achievements and photos. Each term there are lunchtime quizzes, competitions and sports activities at which House teams compete against each other to earn house points. These activities run in conjunction with different departments in the school enabling pupils to demonstrate their prowess in Poetry, Drama, Languages, Humanities, Classics, Maths, Science, various Sports, Music, Debating and Literature. House Captains meet weekly with Head of Houses where they take minutes, discuss issues and share and delegate tasks. To assist in managing these responsibilities the girls are given leadership and teamwork training. The students are motivated and guided by our principal and teachers. We celebrate and observe all the important days. Cooking, gardening, sports, dance, music, all the activities to be conducted under the mother mango tree of our Jyothi Nikethan garden. Students enlighten with enthusiasm and the spirit of competence. Here our each houses team realises Together Each One Achieve more. Our Jyothianz wishes to reach the heights of glory so they won’t stop. The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but we have promises to keep, because we are the promises of tomorrows the future of our nation.