The winners of German Order of Merit from the President of Germany, Mrs. Ida Gassner and Mr. Josef Gassner are the guiding spirit and sponsors of our school. They are the founders of Schritt Fuer Schritt Mit System, a registered Trust functioning at Germany, had worked in Government Sectors. The organization has registered to assist the poor and needy people in Asia and African countries. Inspired by these eminent personalities, a group of well wishers support the activities in Aisa and Africa. Among the projects such as schools, operating and supporting girls homes, hospitals, educational support to the children having higher proficiency in education, relief progrmmes, housing projects, rural development activities, income generating programme to women, orientation programme to general public, and supply of fishing equipments, youth empowerment programmes, Jyothi Nikethan School is their dream project. They visit the school every year by themselves and also specified delegates. They are performing the activities for the interest of society in a compassionate and warm way to provide peace and console to the needy in different direction and overcome the necessities of circumstances in life. Their work to the needy and poor bring s justice to the society is a remarkable and also is an inspiration to others to have sympathy to poor and uplift the humanitarian concept among people.