Its with delectable pride and joy, we realize that Jyothi Nikethan has been rendering marvellous, dedicated and meritorious service to the society in the field of education. “A school should not be preparation for life, it must be a life itself”. The quintessential works has been done by our intuition proves that our school is life itself. Jyothianz are blessed by the platform for young ones to showcase their strength, talents and move a step ahead in discovering gems of purest ray serene lying in the deepest ocean caves and the fragrant flowers blushing unseen in the desert air, a discovery of the delitescent talents of a student community hailing from hamlets. I hope the service we impart will ignite the students power of thinking, strengthen their life and equip them to reach the summit of success. We do appreciate the students, faculty for their commendable achievements and dedication. May Almighty God bless all the Jyothianz to acquire greater glory and be a spark of wisdom to all human kind. 
“Jyothianz are different as we do something different”