“The purpose of school should not be to prepare students for more school. We should be seeking to have fully engaged students now.” The Jyothianz council is a body of elected students. The purpose of our student council is to promote good citizenship, encourage school spirit, demonstrate the practical application of democracy, and to advance the welfare of the school and its members. 

Election is a process of nominating, withdrawing and voting. Our school has adopted the same pattern of election of head-boy and head-girl, which is followed in the general election. As the school is a mini society we practice democracy in the school. 

The strength of teamwork is evident in the way the student cabinet helps in the day our council officially represent all the students in the school, identify and help solve problems encountered by students in the school, promote and encourage the involvement of students in organizing school activities. This council comprised of pupils from standard VII-XII. The members promote the interests of students among the school and inform students about any subject that concerns them. They consult students on any issue of importance, organize educational and recreational activities for students. Participate in developing the school’s educational projects and to promote it to students, organize an activity to recognize the efforts of students involved in organizing school activities and propose activities to the school administration that would improve the quality of life in the school. Maintain good relations, out of mutual respect, with the school staff (the principal, teaching and non-teaching personnel) and parents in day-to-day functioning of the school. The cabinet is given special training in building leadership qualities. 

We moulded Students council with the aim that our students must have initiative; they should not be mere imitators. They must learn to think and act for themselves, and be free and fly with the wings of knowledge.